Get Rid of Ants

how to get rid of ants


How can you get rid of ants? It can be hard to determine what kind of ants you could be having issues with as there are many types of species!

However, the most common ants are Argentine ants, little black ants, and dark rover ants. The dark rover ants are common in the Charleston area.



Depending on the type of ant, we use a combination of liquid and baiting products to control them. We start by doing a thorough free inspection and identify the type of ant. Once we make an identification, we will develop a treatment strategy to eradicate the specific species. Treatment  strategy varies based on the type of any. If you have general pest control services with us, any structure-infesting ants are covered! If you suspect an ant infestation, give us a call, and we can come out and assess the issue.


Get Rid of Fire Ants


These aggressive little creatures can wreak havoc on your fun outdoors and can sting anything and anyone that comes in you path, including you, your family, and even your pets.Not only are their bites painful, but they can also cause allergic reactions in most people and cause problems with the electrical components in your AC unit. Clark's knows fire ants love South Carolina, and with our specially trained pest professionals, we can rid them from your property once and for all.



Our certified pest professionals calculate and treat up to 5000 SQFT immediately around the structure -- treating your yard and flower beds using a combination of a granular insecticide and Fire Ant Bait, Using a hand spreader, the pest professional will treat the remaining yard and flower bed  and use a power spray rig to drench and treat each mound with liquid insecticide. We ask that you please allow no irrigation for two days to allow the bait to work. This service comes with a 90-day guarantee. Give us a call to schedule your appointment, learn more information or send us a message at