Termite Letters

Commonly referred to in South Carolina as a termite letter, a CL-100 Wood Infestation Report is a thorough visual inspection for signs of an infestation or damage by wood-destroying insects and fungi. As it is a requirement for most real estate transactions, the inspection should be performed within 30 days of your closing date. In North Carolina, the required document for real estate transactions is the Wood-Destroying Inspect Report (WDIR) and in Georgia it called the Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report.

How It Works

  • Its purpose is to document the results of the inspection by the Pest Control Operator.

Why It’s Important:

  • Banks may require homes to be inspected for damage before they loan any money.
  • Often, any termite letter findings may leverage your negotiation on the sales price if issues are found.
  • As a Seller- Ordering a termite letter can help avoid any surprises when you get the contract.
It’s a small price to pay, knowing your home is protected. Contact us today if you need a CL-100 inspection or other termite letter needed to close the purchase of your home.

We have provided a copy of the Understanding Your Wood Infestation Report: A Guide for Home Buyers, Sellers, and Builders from the University of Clemson’s Department of Pesticide Regulation for you to view.


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