Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurant Pest Control


Restaurants are no place for pests! Insects and rodents can make your employees and customers panic and can lead to reputational damage and trouble with the health department. So, turn to Clark’s for restaurant pest control and prevention that’ll give you the confidence you need to run your restaurant confidently, free from those insufferable pests.


Start With an Inspection


Restaurant pest control is not optional. Pest problems can be a mortal threat to your business’s health. If you have any notion at all that your establishment may need a restaurant exterminator, give us a call right away. We’ll give your restaurant a thorough inspection and identify whatever pests may be giving you a bad day. Then, we’ll create a customized plan to get rid of pests quickly and prevent future infestations.


Learn About Our Services


Clark’s is a full-service pest control company. Our professional team knows exactly how to deal with insects, rodents, cockroaches, ants, termites, and even unwanted wildlife. With our top-of-the-line pest control and prevention products, we’ll create a barrier all the way around your building to prevent pests from entering, and we’ll keep up that barrier with regular treatments. We’ll pay special attention to doors, windows, cracks, and any other possible entry points, too.


Those pests won’t get past us!


If flies are your problem, Clark’s can install and maintain fly lights to discreetly catch and eliminate pesky flies. We offer specialized treatments for other pests, too, and we’ll let you know if you may need such interventions. Never fear! Clark’s has you covered no matter what pest you’re dealing with.


Try Our SMART Technology


You might also consider trying our Anticimex SMART pest control technology that can prevent many rodent and insect infestations before they start. This state-of-the-art system monitors your premises 24/7, so if a mouse or rat tries to sneak onto your property, our system will discover it and let us know right away so that we can act swiftly to take care of the issue.


The system includes the Smart Eye monitoring device, the Smart Box multi-catch trap, the Smart Connect Mini to communicate with us, and even the Smart Sense Mini that focuses on dealing with insects. We’ll customize the SMART system for your specific needs.


Appreciate Our Attention to Detail


Finally, you’ll appreciate our attention to detail, especially when it comes to prevention. Nothing gets by us! We know how important it is for your restaurant to be pest-free all the time, and we pay special attention to health inspection pest control so you can meet the high standards you set for yourself and pass any test those health inspectors can throw at you. We offer a 100% guarantee. If you catch even one pest on your property, we’ll be there right away to identify it and eliminate it.


Be Pest Free


Your restaurant can and must be pest-free, and Clark’s can help you achieve that goal. So, contact us for a free estimate and prevent pests so that you can focus on serving excellent food with a confident smile.




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