Municipal Pest Control

Municipal Pest Control in the Carolinas

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Discover how Clark’s Termite & Pest Control safeguards citizens and structures with technically advanced town pest control solutions.


City Pest Control Is Essential for Comprehensive Health and Safety

Clark’s Termite & Pest Control operates throughout the Carolinas and the Savannah, GA area, delivering municipal pest control services to many towns and cities. This service is vital for protecting residents, commuters, and municipal workers indoors and outdoors. Our services are also important for protecting municipal structures and infrastructure. Besides these foundational concerns, the municipality has a duty to maintain health and hygiene safety at the highest levels to defend against pest infestations and diseases. Town pest control responsibilities are also massive, ranging from city halls to courthouses, post offices, libraries, and many other structures. If one structure should attract a pest infection, this can rapidly spread. Clark’s also offers SMART City services to help prevent and eliminate rodent infestations at a municipal level.


Types of Pests We Encounter in Municipal Environments

Here are some of the city pest control issues that we frequently deal with at a commercial level:

  • Termites love wood and will burrow down into timber, consume it, and destroy every type of wood they can. Unfortunately, many town and city structures contain wooden supports, panels, and furnishings. This issue poses a challenging town pest control issue on many levels.
  • Rats, mice, and pests like roaches go after the food that people discard. Garbage bins are favorite places for them to gather because a constant supply of food ensures their survival. This supply also brings the potential of disease and infections, a huge health risk for any municipal pest control program.
  • Flies, bed bugs, and fleas can just as easily disrupt work operations when they make themselves at home in offices, kitchens, and furnishings. City pest control operating procedures should manage these pre-emptively to reduce the associated hazards by calling us for an optimum monthly plan.
  • Wild animals may be a threat to people and property at times. Our dedicated team of wildlife experts manages these removals.

Non-Invasive Municipal Pest Control Solutions

We have an assortment of methods for managing pest problems. Our techniques range from wildlife removals to mechanical light devices, liquids, and baits to control flies. Other town pest control solutions involve rodent and pest station monitoring and further methods.

Clark’s city pest control programs can also benefit from Anticimex SMART technology. This technology uses innovative techniques that prevent pest infestations before they start. We install sensors at strategic points throughout the municipal area, such as sewers, drains, and tunnels. Basically, anywhere that rodents thrive, we erect SMART Anticimex sensors. These sensors pick up pest movement and transfer this data to a control room. Our expert team moves in to manage the pest situation.

The Anticimex SMART pest control technology is humane, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and preventive – all good reasons why other municipalities choose this system.


Talk to Us About Your Town Pest Control Maintenance Plan

Because we understand that every municipal pest control program is different, we work around your needs. We will provide you with a dedicated commercial account manager to handle your account. This manager will evaluate every factor, from structures to people and traffic, to ensure we provide you with the best city pest control prevention and maintenance plan, personalized to match your circumstances.


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