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Commercial Mosquito Control

Professional Mosquito Control Services to Protect Your Business

Stop mosquitoes from ruining your customers’ day with commercial mosquito control from Clark’s Pest. Our targeted treatments eradicate mosquito infestations to keep your outdoor spaces safe and comfortable. 

Every business requires pest control for common nuisances like mosquitos, especially if you have outdoor areas for dining and relaxation. The presence of mosquitoes makes spending time outside uncomfortable and can give visitors a negative impression of your facilities. These troublesome insects can also carry diseases that are a threat to the health and safety of your customers and staff. Take back control of your outdoor spaces with mosquito control services from Clark’s Pest.


Why Your Business Needs Commercial Mosquito Control

Pest control for insects like mosquitos is essential to provide your customers and guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience with your business. If you are serious about eliminating mosquitoes and preventing future infestations, then you need professional mosquito control services from experts you can trust to get the job done right.

Restaurant mosquito control is especially important to ensure your customers have a pleasant dining experience and concentrate on the quality of the food and service you provide. The presence of mosquitoes is often enough for guests to leave a bad review that can cause harm to your reputation and bottom line.


Clark’s Pest Mosquito Control Treatments

Clark’s Pest mosquito treatment services include monthly applications during the height of mosquito activity, with the freedom to customize treatment intervals to provide you with optimal protection and effective results. We include a backpack treatment for all trees a shrubs around the business and apply larvicide for areas with standing water.


How Our Services Work

We start by having one of our certified and highly trained experts evaluate your property, locate possible breeding sites, and remove standing water to eradicate mosquito eggs and larvae. Next, we apply the treatment to your entire outdoor area, including grassy areas, trees, and shrubs to form a protective barrier. Our products are specifically chosen to eliminate mosquitoes without negatively impacting the environment.

At Clark’s Pest, we apply treatments to your commercial property from April through September, when mosquitoes are most active. If you have mosquito activity outside this typical timespan, we can provide extra treatments to keep you covered.


Get Professional Mosquito Control for Business Spaces from the Experts at Clark’s Pest

Get the benefit of Clark’s Pest’s expertise for your business. We have skilled technicians trained to assess your pest control needs and employ customized solutions to eradicate mosquitoes, so your employees and clients stay safe and comfortable. Our services are backed by our 30-day guarantee to give you confidence that we will take care of your mosquito problem once and for all. Get even greater protection for your commercial property by bundling mosquito control with other essential pest control treatments. Contact us today to get an estimate or schedule services!


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