SMART Cities

SMART Cities: Revolutionizing Urban Rodent Control Smart Solutions for Sustainable Pest Management

Eco Friendly Rodent Control and MonitoringAnticimex SMART Cities introduces an innovative and eco-friendly rodent control system specifically designed to address the increasing rodent populations in municipalities. With the Anticimex SMART system, cities can effectively target and eliminate rodents both above and below ground, ensuring a healthier and safer environment for residents and local businesses, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries.


How Does Anticimex SMART Cities Work?

Anticimex SMART Cities utilizes wireless connectivity to establish seamless communication between the system and our office. This connectivity allows for continual monitoring and analysis of rodent activity, enabling us to identify infestation hotspots and take immediate action to eliminate the problem at its source.



Advantages of Anticimex SMART Cities:

  • SMART Pest Control for City Sewers, Get Rid of Sewer RatsEffective rodent control: By detecting and addressing rodent infestations early on, Anticimex SMART Cities prevents them from spreading and causing further damage.
  • Wireless monitoring: The system’s wireless connectivity ensures continuous monitoring and data transmission, providing up-to-date information about rodent activity.
  • Eco-friendly approach: Anticimex SMART Cities prioritizes sustainability by employing non-toxic methods and reducing reliance on harmful pesticides.
  • Predictive analysis: Through advanced data analysis, the system can predict potential rodent-related issues, enabling proactive measures to prevent infestations before they occur.
  • Sewer system focus: Anticimex SMART Cities recognizes the critical role of sewers as a breeding ground for rodents and includes specialized equipment to address sewer-based infestations.

Anticimex SMART Cities Equipment:


Clark's Pest Control Smart EyeSmart Eye Mini: A compact rodent monitoring sensor that can be installed indoors or outdoors, even in hard-to-reach areas frequently visited by rodents.


Smart Box: A multi-catch unit strategically placed above ground to detect and trap multiple rodents.

Clark's Pest Control SMART Connect MiniSmart Connect Minis: The central hub of the SMART system, these devices use built-in cellular networks to collect and transmit data to our office for analysis.


Clark's Pest Control SMART Pipe Mini for Sewer Pest Control and Rat ExterminationSmart Pipe: A standalone sub-ground device installed in sewers to control rodent populations at their source.


Clark's Pest Control Smart Sense MiniSmart Sense Mini: This device utilizes non-toxic pheromones to attract and monitor cockroaches and moths, providing detailed analytics to combat insect infestations effectively.


Why Choose Anticimex SMART Cities?


Anticimex SMART Cities offers a comprehensive solution to urban rodent control, combining cutting-edge technology, data-driven analysis, and an environmentally conscious approach. By implementing the SMART system, cities can proactively address rodent infestations, improve public health, and create a more livable urban environment.


Experience the Benefits of Anticimex SMART Cities


With Anticimex SMART Cities, you can say goodbye to the challenges posed by urban rodent populations. Our system provides effective and sustainable pest management, giving you peace of mind while creating a healthier and more livable place for everyone.


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