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The Obvious Choice for Educational Pest Control in Daycare Centers, Schools, Colleges, and Universities in the Carolinas and the Savannah, GA Area


Find out how Clark’s Termite & Pest Control in the Carolinas helps reduce the risk of school pest control challenges – adding another level of safety for your students and staff.


Educational Pest Control for Daycare Centers, Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Wherever lots of people get together in large groups, they create environments where pests also want to congregate. These environments typically offer warmth, safety from the weather, and food for pests. Once they establish their homes within human spaces, they pose a risk to kids of all ages across daycare centers, schools, and universities. When this happens, it can be challenging for a school custodian to remove them.
Teachers, parents, and students come in contact with each other and multiple others during the day. As they move between their daycare center, school, or higher educational facility, they become unknowing transporters of unwanted pests. Because of the risks of pest infestations to people in educational facilities, it is vital to have an effective school exterminator solution to eliminate these threats.


Risk Areas in Educational Facilities That We Manage

Once in schools and colleges, pests disperse into dining areas, computer server rooms, and restrooms. They also move into outdoor eating areas, gyms, locker rooms, and playgrounds. When bed bugs become an infestation for college dorms or in daycare centers, they can create havoc. Children who attend educational facilities are all at risk, as are the teachers. 
Cockroaches, ants, rats, and mice want easy access to food and shelter in one convenient space, so educational facilities can seem like a resort for them. These pests find their way into daycare toy boxes and desks. They get into lockers and breed in maintenance areas and structures like school walls and roofs. This behavior poses threats to the health and safety of children. Removing them after becoming attached to their new home is difficult for school pest control.
Besides indoor spaces, wasps and hornets make their nests in trees, protected nooks, and crannies under roof spaces or corners. These pests also favor playground equipment, which school custodians can easily miss. We even treat termites and humanely remove wildlife when necessary.


Anticimex SMART School Pest Control Plan

Despite the challenges of pest control in educational facilities, Clark’s Termite & Pest Control in the Carolinas has decades of experience in overcoming obstacles. We offer Anticimex SMART pest control for education facilities because of safety concerns. This technology is the optimum solution for 24/7 pest detection and school pest control that is child and eco-friendly. Anticimex SMART is also excellent in preventing infestations so that you don’t deal with pest troubles in the first place


Get an Optimized Pest Control Plan for Your Educational Facility

Our Anticimex SMART plan involves a site inspection and installation of sensors to detect the presence of pests. This SMART solution is set up to provide regular wireless data to our control center. Should our equipment detect any movement from pest invasions, our team will schedule an appointment with you to treat the school pest control problem. All you need to do is call us for a full overview of this state-of-the-art pest control technology.


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