Total Care Pest Control

From Ants to Eight-legged Intruders


Preventing pests from invading your North or South Carolina home is a full-time job. From ants, silverfish, spiders, and cockroaches, to mice, bed bugs, and many other four, six and eight-legged intruders, Clark’s Pest Control knows the frequent battles homeowners face when it comes to the seemingly endless assault of pests on your furnishings, family members, and pets. 

To help you defeat the year-round army of insect pests threatening your home, Clark’s Pest Control offers our most comprehensive package to date–Total Care Pest Protection. 


Total Care Pest Protection consists of:


  • Three service visits per year for general pests
  • Sentricon Termite monitoring and bait system
  • Flea and tick protection
  • Carpenter bee protection
  • Mice control
  • Ants and fire ants protection
  • Mosquito control
  • Snake treatment
  • Eliminating the reappearance of spider webs around windows, doors, and garages with special products
  • Full exterior (every four months) and interior inspection of your home
  • Retreatments at no extra charge

The warm, moist climate common to North and South Carolina creates perfect conditions for pests to reproduce, feed, and grow prolifically. Pest-proofing your home can somewhat reduce the risk of severe infestations by making it harder for pests to find a way into your home. However, once they do find that one tiny crack or hole, the infestation begins and won’t stop without the best pest control services in the Carolinas and the Savannah, GA area–Clark’s Pest Control. 


The Importance of Getting a Professional Termite Inspection


Smaller than cockroaches but just as destructive, termites can ravage your home’s foundation and inner woodwork in less than six months of the initial infestation. Termites love the darkness and humidity found inside walls and basements. They will flourish into colonies of millions of other voracious termites in no time. Feeding on anything made of wood, paper, or cellulose, termites have insatiable appetites that can only be stopped once they have been eradicated with Sentricon® and its powerfully effective AlwaysActive™ technology.

This is the most potent year-round termite control available to the pest control industry. After we apply this treatment, rest assured you and your home will no longer be an inviting refuge for hungry termites. 


Don’t Wait to Schedule a Termite Inspection 


Homeowners in North and South Carolina should be aware that by the time they notice signs of a termite infestation, the damage done by thousands and sometimes millions of termites could be catastrophic.


Some of the things our technicians do during a termite inspection include:


  • Looking for indentations in wall facings, doors, window frames, and drywall
  • Searching for hollow-sounding wood by knocking on interior structures made of wood
  • Determining whether tiny debris lying around is actually termite excrement (frass) or something else
  • Checking soil around the house for signs of subterranean termite mud tubes (drywood termites do not make mud tubes)
  • Searching for buckling paint on walls. Subterranean termites get into drywall and create tiny cracks through which air and moisture seep. The resulting pressure from air and moisture can force paint to buckle. 

It’s easy to miss evidence of a termite infestation because the signs are hard to notice–transparent termite wings lying around, for example, or termite droppings that look like tiny pieces of sawdust. We often get calls from customers who happen to spot “swarmers” flying around their houses. Swarmers are adult, winged termites that indicate the presence of nests, termite eggs, and, unfortunately, an infestation.

We recommend having your home inspected for termites (even if you don’t suspect termites) at least once a year, especially if recent months have been warm and wet. Schedule a FREE inspection today by filling out and submitting this form: Free Termite Inspection. 


Flea and Tick Treatments for your Family and your Pets


Fleas and Ticks are among the most hated of pests, and not without reason. These miniscule blood guzzlers can cause all sorts of trouble for every member of the family, two-legged or four.

Ticks in the Carolinas are most active late Spring through fall but can be active any time of the year. These hardy arachnids are infamous for causing numerous diseases ranging from Lyme Disease to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Tick-borne diseases can cause serious health issues and, in rare cases, can be fatal. One tick, the Lonestar tick, can even cause alpha-gal, which is an allergy to red meat!

Fleas are less infamous for causing dangerous diseases than ticks, but they make up for it in sheer irritation. Flea bites are infamously irritating and can cause itching and burning sensations for humans and animals. The near microscopic insects are also a cause of tapeworms in pets’ digestive systems when they or their eggs are ingested.

Clark’s has proven and effective treatments for both tiny parasites included as part of our Total Care pest control plan.


The Best Pest Control for Silverfish and Centipedes


Two creepy crawlies that thrive in dark, moist places alongside termites are centipedes and silverfish. Silverfish don’t look like fish. Instead, they resemble fat centipedes with six legs and long antennas. Slithering quickly over surfaces and disappearing into the tiniest of cracks, silverfish don’t carry diseases but may trigger allergic responses from sensitive people. On the other hand, centipedes may bite when disturbed by humans and cause skin irritations. Also, the bigger a centipede is, the more painful the bite will be!

Spotting a silverfish or centipede scuttling over your bathroom floor probably means you’ve got dozens of one or both pests infiltrating the walls, basement, and underflooring. Just give Clark’s Pest Control a call and we’ll be there ASAP to treat a silverfish or centipede infestation. 

Exterminator in the Carolinas

Contact Clark’s Pest Control for Immediate Pest Control Services


South Carolina, North Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia homeowners depend on our professional pest and termite control technicians to eradicate pests safely and efficiently. We do this by treating the outside of homes as much as possible and applying products as far as three feet away from the foundation of your home. Only after we have inspected, serviced, and treated the exterior of your home do we use pest products inside your home. 

Our work is 100% guaranteed. We’ll continue re-treating your home until pests are eliminated. Call us today to schedule a free inspection, to get an estimate for eradicating particular pests that are invading your home. We are here to answer all your questions about pest identification, treatment protocols, and pest control packages Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you have more questions about our services visit our FAQ Page. To start service today call 866-781-4991.



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