Fertilization and Weed Control



Adequate lawn fertilization and weed control requires extensive training to provide the right product with the proper nutrients at the right time.






Our fertilization methods vary between using granular-based products that we spread and liquid products that we spray through the pump systems. With an 800 gallon capacity, no job is too big for Clark’s lawn care team.


We specialize in the following warm season grasses:



Bermuda is the hardiest and fastest-growing of the warm season grasses and is the preferred grass for sports fields and golf courses because it withstands heat, can be mowed low, repairs quickly, and is drought resistant.




Centipede is known for its excellent heat tolerance and low maintenance requirements. A favorite of lawn owners interested in minimal upkeep.



St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is the most shade tolerant of the warm season grasses, but it still requires 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive. Winter injury is a significant issue, especially if it is planted farther west than Columbia, Spring, summer, and early fall are the best times to grow, while winter sees it dormant and brown.






Zoysia is very thick and grows well in the sun and partial shade, but it will thin out in dense shade. Mower blades must be sharp, and you must mow the grass as low as possible. Zoysia grass is the only grass with rolled vernation.



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