Mosquito Control

The stunning beauty and irresistible charm of the American South can’t be denied. However, the region’s abundant sunshine and comfortable climate naturally attract more than just great people and majestic wildlife.

Prime locations like the Carolinas also attract numerous mosquitoes, making an effective mosquito protection solution a must. However, it’s crucial to choose the right company for the job.


Clark’s Pest Control is proud and pleased to be the go-to mosquito control option for the Carolinas, as well as the lovely area in and around Savannah, Georgia. Here’s a closer look at what we bring to the table, as well as what you should know about effective Carolina mosquito control.


Is Mosquito Protection Really That Important?


If you live in the South, especially in and around the Carolinas, then you already know mosquitoes are both abundant and irritating. What you may not realize is that they can also be dangerous.


Many mosquitos carry disease and can spread dangerous viruses to you, your family, the local wildlife, and even your beloved pets. In fact, an unchecked mosquito problem on your property can expose you to malaria, La Crosse encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya, Zika, and West Nile virus, to name just a few examples.


However, investing in effective mosquito protection ensures your household’s ongoing safety and well-being. And it ensures your beautiful backyard remains the peaceful paradise you and your loved ones deserve.


Clark’s Pest leverages thorough, above-and-beyond techniques and safe, environmentally responsible products to take the guesswork out of eliminating mosquitoes and keeping them off your property for good without jeopardizing your health.


The Clark’s Approach to Pest Control for Your Yard


Mosquitoes are most active starting in March and continuing throughout November when local weather is warmer and more humid, so that’s when our technicians get to work.


Preserving the health of our clients and the equilibrium of the local environment is crucial, so we always rely on responsible treatments and products. Our techniques are designed to protect bees, butterflies, and other beneficial species from harm.


Here’s a look at what our service entails:


  • Upon receiving your service request, a Clark’s Pest professional will visit your property to speak with you about your needs. They will also inspect your property, identify any problem areas (including those that may require drainage), and discuss the next steps.

  • Once your property’s key mosquito habitats have been located, our techs will break the breeding cycle by applying a residual product to any key breeding areas and nearby vegetation that may attract adult mosquitoes. This process will be repeated every 28 days throughout mosquito season.

  • Expert techniques and thorough application ensure all mosquitoes that visit your yard will eventually come in contact with our safe but powerful products, keeping you and your property reliably protected.

In warm, lush areas like Georgia and the Carolinas, mosquitoes are capable of breeding throughout most of the year. This means infestations can occur without warning and escalate quickly, making ongoing mosquito control the best solution.


What Backyard Elements Are Most Attractive to Mosquitoes?


Areas like the Carolinas and Georgia make ideal homes for a wide variety of different mosquito species, including Northern House mosquitoes, Eastern Saltmarsh mosquitoes, and Asian Tiger mosquitoes. These species and others are most active at night and share common behaviors related to breeding and feeding.


However, certain features can make a particular yard more attractive than average to mosquitoes. Here’s a look at some common examples to be on the lookout for:


  • Standing water: Mosquitoes require standing water to breed and lay eggs, but they don’t need much of it to do the job. Even the tiny amounts of water contained in bird baths, flowerpots, or puddles are sufficient.

  • Collected debris: Mosquitoes need safe places to hide when windy or inclement weather conditions make it difficult to fly. Common examples of yard debris, like leaf piles, wood stacks, and collected grass clippings are ideal.

  • Neglected gutters: One key aspect of effective Carolina mosquito control is proper gutter and drain maintenance. When these structures become clogged, they provide both the standing water and shelter mosquitoes need to thrive.

  • Lush plant life: Your beautifully tended garden, abundant shrubs, and freshly trimmed lawn are just what mosquitoes need when temperatures rise. Vegetation offers crucial shade and sun relief during the warmest times of the day.

  • People and pets: Naturally, living things and the CO2 they release are the most attractive draws to mosquitoes. The more people and animals present in a given area, the more mosquitoes you can expect to see.

  • Warm weather: The warmer the weather, the more abundant the mosquitoes – one reason they’re such a huge problem throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, and similar areas.


Mosquito Protection and Control FAQs


Still have questions about local mosquito control or Clark’s Pest services? Check out the following frequently asked questions.


What areas does Clark’s Pest Control service?


Currently, Clark’s Pest provides services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and in the Savannah area of Georgia. Feel free to reach out to a Clark’s representative if you’re unsure whether your exact location is covered.


Why is treatment limited to March through November?


At Clark’s Pest, we’re all about being thorough. However, December through February are the off-season for mosquitoes, making additional sprayings throughout these months unnecessary.


How long does a single treatment application last?


Our residual product stays active for around 28 days, which is why our method involves repeat treatments throughout the months mosquitoes are most active and likely to become a problem.


How safe is your product for children and pets?


Our experienced professionals are careful never to spray our treatments on items used by children or pets. However, while you should never allow your children or pets to ingest the product deliberately, it is non-toxic.


Does Clark’s handle other pests besides mosquitoes?


Yes. In addition to pest control for yard and ongoing mosquito protection, Clark’s Pest Control also addresses common pests like roaches, termites, ants, spiders, bed bugs, and rodents. So, don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with once we take care of your mosquitoes.


Ready to get the ball rolling with hands-on Carolina mosquito control solutions you can trust with your family’s health? Give Clark’s Pest a call today or fill out our handy online form!




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