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Commercial Termite Control in the Carolinas


Clark’s Pest Control is proud to serve businesses of all sizes. Learn how our commercial termite control services can help you protect your most valuable assets.

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Termites are tiny, but they can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Without regular inspections, you may not even know you have termites until you’re faced with huge renovation bills. Clark’s Pest Control offers termite inspection and commercial termite treatment in most parts of the Carolinas, giving you extra peace of mind as you operate your business.


Termite Inspection


During an inspection, we examine your commercial property for signs of termite activity. For example, if you have subterranean termites, they may leave a trail of dirt on your walls. They pick up this dirt as they burrow through the soil. If you notice any of the following, schedule a termite inspection immediately:

  • Tiny holes in drywall
  • Buckling walls or ceilings
  • Peeling or bubbling paint
  • Unusual designs carved into your wood structures (e.g., designs that appear like mazes)
  • Mud tunnels on a building’s foundation


Commercial Termite Control


We offer three types of termite control to prevent damage to warehouses, office buildings, and other commercial properties.


Sentricon Bait Stations


Sentricon bait stations work as both a preventive tool and a treatment product. If you don’t have termite damage, you can use these stations to prevent infestations. Sentricon bait stations also work to eliminate termites once you already have them. The active ingredient prevents termites from maturing, stopping them in their tracks before they can cause millions of dollars in damage.


Liquid Trench and Treat


Liquid treatments are among the most effective options on the market. If you choose this method, we’ll create a barrier around your building’s foundation, preventing termites from getting inside. Liquid treatment works well on subterranean termites, drywood termites and super (Formosan) termites.


Liquid Spot Treatments


If you have an isolated termite colony, you may benefit from liquid spot treatments. We use these treatments during the early stages of a termite infestation, preventing damage to your commercial property. If spot treatment is right for you, we’ll drill small holes in the exterior of the building and fill them with a product designed for commercial termite control. Depending on the extent of the infestation, you may need several liquid spot treatments to eradicate the colony.


Protect Your Business


Clark’s Pest Control has experienced technicians available to identify termites and determine the best way to get rid of them. No matter what type of treatment you need, we take pride in delivering excellent service. We even let you renew your warranty monthly or annually, making it easier than ever to get the commercial termite control services you need. Contact us today to schedule a termite inspection or discuss your commercial termite treatment options.



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