Healthcare Facility Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control for Your Health Care Facility

Why Health Care Pest Control Is Essential

Preventing pest infestations is perhaps more vital in healthcare than in any other industry. Pest infestations can bring disease and infections, which can be especially dire for people who are already suffering from a variety of ailments, many of which can compromise the immune system. Keeping your healthcare facility free of unwanted variables is vital to the effectiveness of your treatments.
Patients expect safety and cleanliness from their healthcare facility. Proper pest control not only ensures that your facility provides a safe and healthy environment, but it also helps to protect your positive reputation. Signs of pests in a hospital or doctor’s office can lead to poor testimonials and reviews of your facility, which can be difficult to overcome. 
The best plan of action to protect your facility and patients is to choose professional pest control from Clark’s Pest. 

Commercial Pest Control Services from Clark’s Pest

Clark’s Termite & Pest Control offers treatments and services to target insects, mice, rats, wildlife, and more. 

Anticimex SMART Pest Control

This environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art pest control technology tracks pest activity 24/7 to prevent infestations. Camera-free sensors collect data and transmit it directly to our office for analysis so we can take informed action as needed. We’ll start with an inspection and risk assessment to provide you with pest control recommendations customized to the needs of your facility. 

Bed Bug Control

Don’t let bed bugs take up residence in your hospital mattresses or linens. These pests are good at hiding out in the seams of sheets and blankets, behind baseboards, and in crevices. Our trained technicians can identify and eliminate your bed bug problems. 

Fly Light Installation & Maintenance

Clark’s Pest provides fly control through the use of mechanical light devices, baits, and liquids. We install all light units and continue to monitor them regularly. 


Roach Control 

Cockroaches are common pests that carry diseases, making them a big concern for hospitals. These insects generally prefer humid and warm spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, but infestations can occur anywhere they can find sources of water and food. At Clark’s, our cockroach control includes initial treatment and a follow-up to check for signs of continued roach activity. 

Wildlife Removal

Problematic pests aren’t restricted to bugs and rodents. Wildlife species can also cause property damage or spread diseases. Our Wildlife Team is trained to employ humane solutions to remove these unwanted pests from your grounds and facility. 
While prevention is ideal for stopping pests before they can cause problems, we also provide hospital exterminator services to quickly and effectively rid your facility of current pest infestations. Our services include a thorough inspection to learn which pest species are a problem and locate and resolve access points where pests may find their way inside. 

At Clark’s Pest, we guarantee you the results you want. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate!


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