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Commercial Bed Bug Control


Just the thought of bed bugs is enough to make someone’s skin crawl. An infestation at your place of business, especially if it’s in the hospitality industry, can cause long-lasting problems. Protect your business from the negative impact of bed bugs with professional pest control solutions from the experts at Clark’s Termite & Pest Control. 


What Are Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on blood and are active mainly at night. The adults are brown and grow to about ¼ inch. They have small heads and ridged shells. Their body shape is flat and oval, closely resembling an apple seed. After feeding, bed bugs swell up and turn red. Younger insects, called nymphs, are smaller and either translucent or yellow. The eggs are tiny, about 1 millimeter long, and white. 


Why Are Bed Bugs a Problem?


The presence or threat of bed bugs can cause stress and poor sleep. While not considered dangerous, bed bug bites are itchy and uncomfortable. Some people are allergic and get severe itching, hives, or blisters if bitten. Anyone who experiences a serious reaction should see a doctor for treatment.
Hospitality industry bed bug control is essential to keep your business protected and your good reputation intact. Having an infestation often leads to poor guest experiences, high numbers of complaints and negative reviews. 


How to Spot the Signs of Bed Bugs


Although small and good at hiding, bed bugs leave behind some signs that notify you of their presence. The most common to watch out for include:

  • Seeing actual bugs
  • Blood spots on bedding
  • Small, itchy bites on the skin, often in clusters
  • Black dots of feces
  • Shed skins that resemble live bugs
  • A musty, sweet odor

Learning to identify the early signs of bed bugs is an important part of hotel bed bug control, but preventing an infestation is always preferable to treating one. These pests like to hide out in the seams of mattresses and bedding, as well as any nearby crevices in the bed frame, carpets, baseboards, furniture, and more. They often cling to clothing or invade suitcases, catching a ride to the next spot to settle in and spread. You can help prevent bed bugs by carefully inspecting bedding and furniture, ensuring all areas get vacuumed and cleaned regularly, and repairing cracks in the walls and floors. 

Eliminate and Prevent Bed Bug Infestations with Commercial Bed Bug Control from Clark’s


Thorough cleaning and removing possible hiding spots help prevent bed bugs, but these insects are good at hiding in the smallest spaces. Hotels and other businesses with high turnovers are particularly susceptible to bed bugs arriving on guests’ clothing or in their suitcases.  The good news is it’s possible to eradicate bed bugs and keep them away for good with professional extermination services from Clark’s Termite & Pest Control. Take a proactive approach and contact us today to schedule your commercial pest control treatment. 


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