Shrub and Ornamental Care

Looking for shrub and ornamental care? Keeping your shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants in tip-top shape year-round is the key to your lawn looking the best! That’s why we offer a three treatment per year service that includes fertilization, insect, and fungus control.

SPRING: Insecticide, Liquid, Fertilizer, and Fungicide

SUMMER: Granular Fertilizer
FALL: Insecticide, Liquid, Fertilizer, & Fungicide

Our Spring and Fall liquid fertilizer application is directly sprayed onto the plants, and we feed in the early summer with a granular-based fertilizer.


Ornamental grasses can be described as proper grass types and plants that show a similar grass-like appearance. They vary in height from as tall as 15 feet to lower-growing grasses.

Most ornamental grasses planted in the South are classified as cool or warm-season plants and increase during the late Spring and summer, bloom in late summer-early Fall, and are dormant through the winter.


Trees & shrubs can significantly grow in value as the years’ pass. They can thrive on your lawn as long as you provide them with the proper care.





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