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Pest control in the hospitality industry covers many sectors. Hospitality businesses include hotels, motels, bed and breakfast establishments, restaurants, casinos, and similar places. Because these businesses depend on customers to stay open, contracting hospitality pest control is a wise idea. Customers will quickly spread the word if they see cockroaches running around restaurants or notice bed bugs in hotel rooms. 


The hospitality industry is also a good magnet for pests. Because they deal with food, especially if there is a restaurant on site  time, this activity attracts pests like rats, mice, and cockroaches. Likewise, people are coming and going through these establishments all the time. No matter how clean people are, they may pick up bed bugs without realizing it. Then, they give bed bugs a free ride to a hotel. There, the bed bugs will make themselves at home in bedding. With so much food available, they can rapidly breed and become infestations. Hotel room pest control experts are the best solution in these cases.


Rodents seek convenient food sources, and so do insects. All these pests find a regular supply of food in the hospitality sector. If employees are not well supervised or trained in proper hygiene, they may leave food and rubbish lying around. This practice will also attract flies. With all these pests on the loose, your guests will not be impressed, and neither will the health and safety authorities. The only way to resolve the problem is to call a professional hotel pest control team.


Our dedicated hotel pest control manager will work with you to develop a plan to manage your business reputation relating to pest issues. This plan will involve regular communication to determine the best pest protection and removal solutions for your establishment. 


Common Indoor Pests in Hospitality Establishments in the Carolinas



Bed Bugs:


Bed bugs have become a pervasive issue for hotels and motels, tarnishing reputations from small roadside inns to luxurious city hotels. Clark’s Pest Control employs preventive measures, such as routine spraying, to proactively safeguard against bed bugs.





After Bed Bugs, Cockroaches are perhaps the most feared pests in the hospitality industry. These infamous insects can carry harmful germs and trigger allergies. To deter these pests, Clark’s pest control experts recommend thorough cleaning of guest bathrooms and checking for leaks to eliminate moist environments that attract cockroaches.





Flies can jeopardize a hotel’s health code standards and reputation, especially if present in kitchens or dining areas. Controlling flies is essential, and Clark’s Pest Control offers ongoing pest management plans to ensure your facility is protected.





While some ants may bite or sting, most are simply a nuisance for hotel staff and guests, however their presence is still an unwanted intrusion that can harm your reputation. The Clark’s team is trained in effective ant control methods to eradicate queens and colonies, as recurring issues persist as long as the queen remains. Continuous vigilance and control are crucial in places where ant colonies can easily form.





Rats and mice are unwelcome guests that pose threats to guests, employees, and the facility itself. Rodents will go to great lengths for food, even chewing through packaging. Clark’s Pest Control offers SMART rodent control, a digital solution that monitors rodent activity 24/7.



Let Us Personalize Your Hotel Pest Control Plan


Clark’s Termite & Pest Control has been delivering professional hospitality pest control services in the Carolinas and the Savannah, GA, area for decades. Companies and business managers have depended on us to keep their establishments pest-free during these years. Besides hotel room pest control, we provide specialist services for all businesses in the hospitality industry. So, if you have a hotel, motel, B&B, restaurant, or something similar, we can help. Call us now for a tailored plan that helps to keep your business reputation intact. 




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