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Originally inhabited by the Sewee Native Americans, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is part of Charleston’s metropolitan area. Mount Pleasant has rapidly become one of the most desirable places to live in the state, doubling its population between 1990 and 2000. Incorporated in 1837, Mount Pleasant originally consisted of two villages: Mount Pleasant and Greenwich. However, these two villages were soon combined into one town called Mount Pleasant. Rapid growth over the next decade resulted in other villages being incorporated into Mount Pleasant, including Lucasville, Hibbens Ferry, and Hillardsville.

The Mount Pleasant plantation owned by Jacob Motte in the late 1700s is the namesake of this South Carolina town. Mr. Hibben bought Motte’s plantation in 1803 and renamed the property “Hibben House.” Located at 111 Hibben Street, the Hibben House is the oldest residence in Mount Pleasant and one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions.

Although Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is a fascinating and charming place to live and visit, its subtropical climate makes it a perfect environment for bugs, rats, mice, and other pests to thrive. Hot summers, mild winters, and plenty of precipitation are ideal ingredients for pest proliferation in Mount Pleasant homes and businesses. 

Pest management in Mount Pleasant, SC demands the in-depth knowledge of pest control technicians who can immediately identify pests, determine the best treatment method for eliminating pests, and employ expert techniques to get rid of pest problems ASAP. Clark’s Termite & Pest Control offers all these benefits and more when creepy crawlies, stinging insects, squeaky rodents, and other pests threaten your health, your home, or your business. 

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Common Pests in Mount Pleasant

Many of the infestations we treat involve the following South Carolina pests:

Bald-faced hornets are the most aggressive wasps in Mount Pleasant. Known to attack in hordes when threatened, bald-faced hornets construct oblong, paper nests in open areas. An infestation of bald-faced hornets requires the expertise of a Clark’s Termite & Pest Control wasp exterminator who can safely eliminate nests. 

Dependable Pest Control in Charleston County, SC

When they need experienced, state-of-the-art pest exterminator services for their home or business, Mount Pleasant residents know they can rely on Clark’s Termite & Pest Control to get rid of all types of pest infestations. Over-the-counter pest products are not only ineffective but may potentially cause harmful side effects to people and pets. If you suspect you have a pest problem, call us without delay to speak to one of our pest control experts about developing and implementing a successful pest removal treatment plan. 

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