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Greenville, South Carolina’s rejuvenated downtown district has put this upstate city on the national map. Visitors flock to Greenville to enjoy many of the amenities that locals appreciate every day. The lively downtown district hosts more than 300 community events annually, including concerts, culinary festivals, and weekend markets. Natural attractions abound, allowing residents and visitors alike to experience the area’s scenic beauty at Lake Jocassee, Chimney Rock State Park, or Greer City Park.


Greenville’s more than 70,000 residents live in areas that include Cherrydale Point, the Roper Mountain Road area, and the Woodruff Road area. Regardless of where you live in Greenville, you might encounter some unwelcome pests, including bugs, mice, and rats. South Carolina’s moderate climate can appeal to many of these critters. Fortunately, the team at Clark’s Termite & Pest Control offers state-of-the-art pest management services to Greenville homes and businesses.


Common Pests in Greenville


If you’ve discovered some unwelcome pests on your property, they’re probably common to the Greenville area. South Carolina homeowners like you often call an exterminator for help with these pests:


A variety of ants call Greenville home and include Carpenter ants, pavement ants and fire ants. While many types of ants are simply a nuisance, fire ants can be particularly problematic in your yard, posing a risk to people and pets. Similarly, fleas and ticks aren’t just bothersome pests. They may also carry diseases to your family. Spiders and cockroaches are irksome bugs that can lurk indoors or out. Further, mosquitoes can limit your ability to enjoy your outdoor space, especially during the warm and humid summers when this pesky population thrives.


Bugs aren’t the only problem you might face in Greenville. Rodents, including mice and rats, may also invade your property or home. When you find these critters on your property, you want them eliminated promptly. Fortunately, Clark’s Termite & Pest Control knows these South Carolina pests well and understands effective ways to exterminate them.


Your Greenville Exterminator Is Ready to Help


At Clark’s Termite & Pest Control, our experienced exterminators know how to rid your home or business of bothersome pests and rodents. We’ll evaluate your current pest problem and then devise a solution that ensures that those pests are gone for good. We rely on state-of-the-art products and treatments to effectively target South Carolina’s most common pests. We can also perform a mosquito yard treatment when mosquito populations are high so that you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about bites.


Give us a call to learn more about our pest control services or to schedule your first appointment. Whether you’re in need of general pest control services or help with a specific pest problem, Clark’s Termite & Pest Control is prepared to help. 


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