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Building Barriers: Clark’s Quarterly Pest Control Service

If you find yourself with some unwanted house guests this summer, we offer one-time or quarterly pest control treatments that can leave you with peace of mind that your home is protected against pests. If you already have pest control services and are interested in what makes them effective, look below for a brief description of our pest control services:


The interior and exterior of the home are treated to build up a barrier against pests during the initial service.  Once the barrier is established, the exterior treatment will cover 98% of covered pests from entering the home and is maintained quarterly. Your pest control is guaranteed between services and we will come back out if you experience any issues following the treatment.


For the interior treatment, the cracks and crevices along the baseboards are treated throughout the entire home. We place an insecticidal dust around appliances, in plumbing voids and around large pieces of furniture. If you have a garage, the corners and along the ceiling are spider brushed. A liquid treatment is applied to the cracks and crevices along the baseboards. Two monitors will be placed on either side of the garage door.


On the exterior, treatment includes spider brushing under the eaves and around the windows and doors. A liquid treatment is applied under the eaves and around the windows and doors as well. The perimeter of the home is treated 2 feet up and 3-5 feet out. An insecticidal bait will be placed in a around the exterior of the liquid treatment.


Did you know? If you already have termite protection with Clark’s, you can receive pest control at a discounted rate! Call us to start pest control service today at 866-781-4991 or email us at ClarksCSR@ClarksPest.com.

German Cockroach

German CockroachPhysical Characteristics

The adult German cockroach ranges from 1/2″ to 5/8″ long; their bodies are oval in shape and light brown to tan in color.


The German cockroach is the most common of cockroaches and commonly found in structures. The German roach prefers warm and humid places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Infestations occur in areas where we eat, drink, watch TV and even sleep, making any food and/or water source a prime harborage area. The German cockroach is not only a nuisance but has also been known to be a disease carrier.


Sanitation is the cornerstone to effective long lasting control of German cockroaches. This requires cooperation of the people living in the home as well as a complete interior treatment.

Conditions conducive to roach infestations need to be removed, and items in pantries and cupboards need to be removed to allow access to the harborage for the technician. The Clark’s technician will advise the customer on what they can do to help alleviate the problem as well as determining the best means of control.

American Cockroach

American CockroachPhysical Characteristics

The adult American cockroach ranges from 1 3/8″ to 2 1/8″ long; their bodies are oval in shape and reddish brown with their head being pale brown to yellowish in color.


The American cockroach gains access through sewer systems and drains. More than 5,000 individual cockroaches have been found under one single manhole cover. The American cockroach is not only a nuisance but has also been known to be a disease carrier.


Clark’s Year Round Pest Control will control most infestations of American cockroaches on the exterior; however, if interior infestations are a problem the technician will treat the interior as well. In addition, the Clark’s Pest Control technician will advise the customer on ways to help eliminate harborage points that may be contributors to the problem.