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Myrtle Beach, SC, Pest Control

Nestled against the South Carolina coastline, Myrtle Beach is a beautiful, beloved destination thanks to its gorgeous beaches, family-friendly attractions, and thrilling nightlife. Of the points of interest that bring people to this town, the beaches remain the most popular, with options for lounging in the sun, swimming in the Atlantic, and enjoying watersports, including jet skiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing. The Boardwalk and Promenade along the beach also draw in crowds, with numerous shops, restaurants, and amusement parks dotting the landscape.

Families flock to attractions that cater to kids, such as the Myrtle Beach Safari, which provides an interactive wildlife experience with exotic animals such as elephants and tigers. The SkyWheel offers a great way to get an overview of the area, with this attraction providing sky-high views of the ocean, beach, and the downtown area — all within enclosed gondolas that move slowly enough to keep little ones calm. A plethora of golf courses keep enthusiasts of the game happy, while malls like Tanger Outlets let shoppers find great deals. And at night, Ocean Boulevard lights up to deliver lively thrills for those who want to dance the night away.

Lurking behind all the excitement and attractions Myrtle Beach, SC, has to offer, however, are irritating pests with the potential to ruin homeand business owners’ days. Thanks to the high humidity levels and warm climate, the town attracts more than just tourists — it also draws in pests ranging from fire ants, cockroaches and termites to rodents, ticks and mosquitos. Fortunately, your local pest control experts at Clark’s Termite & Pest Control know what to expect in the area and have you covered when you need protection or discover an infestation.


Pest Control in Myrtle Beach, SC

Though a beautiful area, the beach and warmth enable mosquitos and other flying insects to breed uncontrollably, which can cause not only irritating bites and stings, but also diseases like malaria and zika. That’s why you need pest control treatments from an exterminator from Clark’s. Likewise, fire ant infestations occur not only in dirt mounds, but also in outdoor equipment, while bed bugs can find their way into your home and dig into your space. Other common pests found in the Myrtle Beach area that our exterminators treat include:

Termite Inspection in Myrtle Beach, SC

With eight species of termites being common to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach homes are vulnerable to the havoc they wreak when they start feasting on your wood. That’s why the pest control experts at Clark’s Termite & Pest Control deliver thorough inspections to find every last one of these tiny insects and prevent recurrences when they’ve been munching on your home. This can help prevent further damage to your home and protect the structural integrity of key support structures.

Regardless of your pest problems, Clark’s Pest Control offers exceptional pest prevention and removal for homes and businesses across Myrtle Beach. Call today for a free pest control estimates and let Clark’s get rid of your pests.


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