Cellar Spider

Cellar SpiderPhysical Characteristics

Cellar spiders have extremely long, skinny legs with small bodies that are usually tan or gray. The web of a cellar spider is usually very messy, similar to the web of a cobweb spider. Like all spiders, cellar spiders have 8 legs, 2 body parts, and fang-like mouthparts. The body length of adult cellar spiders is about 1/4″ or less.


Cellar spiders are usually found in dark corners of cellars, crawlspaces, and garages. They are very long-legged and often confused with daddy-longlegs best slimming products. However, they are true spiders that spin untidy webs which are often quite extensive. When disturbed, they characteristically bounce in the web.


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Brown Recluse Spider

Brown ReclusePhysical Characteristics

Over the years, the group of spiders to which the brown recluse belongs has been known by various colloquial names: “violin” spiders, “fiddleback” spiders, “recluse” spiders, and “brown” spiders. Many publications refer to the violin marking on the top surface of the head region as the most important diagnostic feature. Although this marking is fairly consistent in mature brown recluses, it can vary in intensity and sometimes fades in preservative, and it is very faint to nonexistent in several recluse species. To be identified as a recluse spider, it must have all five of these characteristics.

  • six eyes in pairs as opposed to eight eyes (like most spiders)
  • uniformly colored abdomen with fine hairs
  • no spines on the legs
  • uniformly colored legs
  • body not more than 3/8” in length


Recluse spiders, as their name implies, are reclusive natural slimming pills. These nocturnal spiders emerge from their retreats at night and actively hunt down prey or may wait for prey to land in the small area several inches from their retreat. Although they do not build webs to capture prey, they do use silk to build a retreat in which they hide during the day. As dawn approaches, they may seek shelter in dark places such as in clothing or shoes. In nature, recluses are found in cracks and crevices in and under rocks. Recluses have very much benefited from human-altered environments where they are readily found under trash cans, plywood, tarps, or rubber tires, in boxes, etc.

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow SpiderPhysical Characteristics

The adult female is about 1/2″ including an almost spherical abdomen about 1/4″-3/8″ in diameter with overall length including legs of about 1 1/2″-1 3/8″. Females are black in color with identifiable marking of a red hourglass.


Black Widows can be found in irregular webs and hang upside down or in sheltered places, such as under stones, firewood piles, under decking, hollow tree stumps, trees and rodent burrows. A favorite place is in barns, outhouses, henhouses, sheds, meter boxes, bricks, barrels and woodpiles.


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