Here’s How to Have the Best Yard in Your Neighborhood

Olivia Atkinson - March 11, 2021


Your lawn is the first thing you see when you come home. Don’t you deserve to have it healthy and looking great? With Clark’s professional landscaping and lawn treatment services, it’s a breeze year-round.

Did you know that Clark’s has a lawn care team that provides expert fertilization and weed control as well as irrigation repair? 

We offer this service currently in the midlands of South Carolina and are expanding to Charleston in the 2nd quarter.  Give us a call!  You’ll experience the same great service and results you’ve enjoyed from our termite and pest guys with the lawn care staff.

Beginning in April and May is our Spring Green-up Applications.  The objective is to give turf that initial nitrogen feed to promote greening up and leaf & runner (stolen & Rhizomes)
growth, along with including a round of pre-emergent to target crab grass, spurge, sedge, and some broad leaf weeds. This is a granular, slow release fertilizer that provides up to 3 months of feed, depending on environmental conditions.

Then in the heat of summer begins our Early Summer Application, Mid-Summer Application, and Late Summer Pre-Emergent!

Early Summer and Mid-Summer Applications will include micro nutrients and bio-solids to help the turf get through the extreme heat and dry conditions with iron being added for color. Our Late Summer Pre-Emergent objective is to get a pre-emergent down that targets poa-annua. This weed germinates in late summer but does not become an eye-sore until early spring.

We also offer any “As Needed” services for your yard!  We offer new customers (first year) with weed problems a post-emergent herbicide applications. This is based on observations at the time of your lawn evaluation. After one full year under our program, Clark’s will be responsible for weed issues (other than Sedge) and will treat weed problems with the above scheduled visits.

Enjoy your backyard this spring and summer knowing that it is taken care of by the best. You can rest easy knowing you have the most well-kept yard in town!

Get Started with our Spring Pre-Emergent Treatment Today. If you like our Termite & Pest Control services, you’re gonna love our Lawn Care!

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